Can I choose my own bow tie style or fabric?
Yes you can. Please click on custom orders link for more information

How do I tie my bow tie?
Please click on how to tie bow tie link for a detailed illustration on how to tie a bow tie

How do I know that my order has been received?
Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that your order has been received. Please refer to our section on shipping and handling for more information.

How do I pair my neckwear with my clothing?
Remove that old-fashioned idea that stripes and prints cannot be worn together from your mind. When it comes to fashion, anything is possible, fashion is yours to explore. Pairing the right neckwear with your clothing may not be as intimidating as it seems after all it is all about the scale of proportion and patterns. The matching of a shirt and tie to the color of your socks and the finish of your trousers are subtle details the reveal your personality and style to the world. Sometimes, neckwear with patterns can be treated as solid neckwear. When you wear patterned neckwear with a shirt that has very fine stripes, it is almost like you are wearing a solid tie, there is no conflict. The fine lines will make the shirt look solid from a distance. Treating patterns that look solid from a distance, in both shirts and ties, as solid will carry you a long way. Dont be afraid, experiment! You will soon realize how excellent you are at pairing stripes, prints and patterns. Of course you can choose a safer option; pick a solid tie that matches with one of the colors in your shirt.

How do I track my order?
You can track your order with your tracking order at http//fedex.com

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
Please refer to our policies and procedures link.
I love your products, but live outside the United States. Will you be able to ship to me?
Yes, we will. Our carrier is Fedex, which provides worldwide service. Additional shipping fees will be applied.

Where can I wear a bow tie to?
Depending on the fabric, your bow tie can be worn for any kind of occasion. Most of our velvet and silk combination are ideal for formal events; the more traditional fabrics and prints (stripes, tweed, plaid, paisley, flags, etc) are perfect for professional attire/events; the colorful and flamboyant prints and fabrics are appropriate for social/informal events. All bow tie styles can be worn to any event.

What size should my bow tie be?
3.5 inch has traditionally been the proper with for a bow tie. However, the evolution of fashion has paved way for different sizes and style of bow ties. Although Edward Armah neckwear serves men with assorted fashion needs, most of our neckwear is cut to size, except for larger men, who require a slightly wider blade (the outer, visible portion of the necktie). The 3.5 inch width is an uncompromising size. The length should be approximately 56 to 57 inches. A longer tie, for taller men, is generally 60 to 61 inches. The measurement of the widest parts of our butterfly bow ties are 3 inch.

What makes handmade ties different?
Any neck that is well- made must be cut on a bias to assure that it falls straight after being tied, without curling to a side. The silk for a necktie is cut into 3 pieces; the back, the front, and the neck, allowing it to conform to your neck; it should have a stitch joining the two sides on the back, called a bar tack, and applied by hand. It should have a slip-stitch, whose end, knotted, can be found loose under the bar tacked area. This stitch gives resilience to the tie and assures that it will fall out to return to its original shape when hung in your closet. All ties, except 7 fold neckties, are lined. The object of the lining is to provide the proper weight for the tie, so that it knots perfectly. With some silk, a heavier lining is needed to accomplish this; with other silks, it is quite the opposite. In fact, sometimes makers of lesser ties will attempt to pass them off as quality materials by adding a thick lining, as an uneducated consumer might think the thickness of the tie indicates the quality of the outer silk. Fine linings today are made of wool, whose weight is denoted by gold bars.

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